GWK Bali Countdown 2024 – Want to celebrate a new year in Bali like never before? Then, mark your calendar for this extraordinary event. Don’t miss out on making your New Year’s celebration truly exceptional at GWK Bali Countdown 2024. Explore the magic, excitement, and joy where every moment is destined to redefine your New Year celebration.

GWK Bali Countdown 2024 Highlight

GWK Bali Countdown is an annual music festival that’s more than just a party – it’s a celebration of the Sound of Soulz for the millennial and Gen Z spirits! Unlike last year, this edition introduces a mind-blowing concept with five elements designed to immerse you in an unforgettable experience that make this year’s GWK Bali Countdown an absolute must-attend. 

  1. Harmonious Music Festival: Get ready for an unforgettable night with renowned artists like Dewa 19 Ft Ello & Virzha, Isyana Sarasvati, Gigi, and more, all coming together to set the stage on fire. 
  2. DJ Extravaganza: Let the music move you as DJ Joana, DJ LTN & Marquee DJ Christina Noveli, DJ Super 8 & Tab, and DJ Max LAXTON take you on an unforgettable journey under the stars. 
  3. Dazzling Dance Showcase: Immerse yourself in the beauty of Indonesian and ethnic dance performances by the Bravery Dancer, showcasing stunning modern contemporary dance, and the Led Wings Dancer with a mesmerizing mix of splash percussion. 
  4. Enchanting Night Market: From mouth-watering culinary treats to trendy fashion and accessories, the market is a feast for the senses. Don’t miss the 360 Photo Booth, LED Lights decoration, Magic Show, games, and fabulous prizes, including two Kawasaki motorbikes and hotel vouchers! 
  5. Breathtaking Fireworks Spectacle: Brace yourself for the grandest fireworks display on the island of Bali, lighting up the sky to welcome the dawn of 2024.

Venue Details & Access

Following the fantastic DWP Festival, GWK Cultural Park is back to host GWK Bali Countdown 2024 party to wrap up the year in style. To make the most of your New Year celebration, consider staying at either Hideaway Villas Bali Uluwatu or Hideaway Residence Bali Ungasan – both are just a quick 10-minute ride away. Discover fantastic deals by booking directly on the official website.

Event Schedule & Activities

Save the date from December 29 to December 31, 2023 to enjoy GWK Bali Countdown 2024! Get ready with electrifying music performances, dance the night away with amazing DJs, a vibrant night market, and the grandest fireworks display Bali has ever seen! It’s three days of non-stop fun that you won’t forget.

Exclusive Performances

Check out the amazing lineups for each day:               

  1. Day 1 Lineups (29/12): Superman Is Dead, Hangover Band, Legend Squad (Nason-Noldy-Jaux), Shammui, etc. 
  2. Day 2 Lineups (30/12): Gigi, Sam Laxton, LTN Marquee, Lonskii, DJ Joana, Splash Percussion, etc. 
  3. Day 3 Lineups (31/12): Dewa19 ft Virzha & Ello, Isyana Saraswati, Christina Novelli, Super8 & Tab, Bravery Dancer, Jegeg Bulan, LED Dance, etc

Ticket Information

You can buy tickets for GWK Bali Countdown 2024 daily or opt for a two or three-day pass. Here are the details for the music concert tickets at GWK Bali Countdown 2024. Here are the details for the music concert tickets at GWK Bali Countdown 2024:  

  1. Day 1 = Rp 150,000. 
  2. Day 2 = Rp 200,000. 
  3. Day 3 = Rp 500,000. 
  4. 3-day pass = Rp 550,000 (discounted from the regular price of Rp 850,000). 
  5. Special 1-day pass for day 3 = Rp 250,000 (discounted from the regular price of Rp 450,000).                 

You can easily purchase GWK Bali Countdown 2024 tickets online through the official website.

Conclusion: Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Bali like never before at GWK Bali Countdown 2024! Enjoy an amazing night filled with music, traditional dance, delicious food, a bustling night market, and a spectacular firework show. Don’t miss out on this must-attend event that promises magic, excitement, and joy, making it memorable to welcome 2024 in Bali.